how to get a healthy mind and body

healthy mind and body

From experience, I have learned that I feel my best when both my mind and body are feeling happy and healthy. In the words of my former fitness instructor, “you are always going to have to exercise, so find a type of exercise that you enjoy doing.” 

Now, I used to dread going to the gym, but because I wanted to be fit and healthy, I made myself go on a semi-regular basis. I wanted to like going to the gym so badly, but the environment of rooms filled with big metal machines and people with earbuds stuck in their ears was not welcoming or motivating to me. I realized that I needed to be pushed by someone to help me exercise, so I decided to challenge myself and signed up to take fitness classes offered at my college.

After my first class I felt like a new woman. I took a sculpt class and after just an hour of lifting weights and doing crunches to music in a room full of other women, I was bitten by the fitness bug. Besides being a great way to get in a solid hour of exercise, fitness class proved excellent for learning health tips and meeting new people.

-behind every successful woman is the butt she got moving to get her there-

In addition to sculpt, I have attended zumba, spinning, rock climbing and yoga classes. Trying out all these types of classes equip me with new fitness skills that now make going to the gym enjoyable and even fun.

If you are struggling with finding a tolerable way to exercise, I hope the following list will give you some new inspiration:





barre fitness





rock climbing



power walking

aerial yoga



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