my skin story



Ever since I was a little girl I was taught that the brown round dots speckled over my body were called beauty marks, which for many of you may be referred to as moles.

While both are proper names for identifying these little brown dots I do prefer the term beauty marks. These little brown spots give my body character and bring something different to my skin. Freckles are also little marks of character. As a little girl these tiny spots of brown and beige confetti found themselves on the cheeks by way of the summer sun.

There are some imperfections, however, that I did not like about myself. When I was in middle school I had bad acne and unlike my beauty marks this was not something about my skin that I was able to embrace. I covered my face with my hair and avoided going out when my skin was having particularly bad days. Not only did I not like the way my skin looked, but also my face would hurt from the acne. I tried many products and visited doctors, which did help my skin heal, but when my skin was at its worst I had to find ways to cope.

During this time of having unhealthy skin, makeup helped bring back my confidence. Though I was young, wearing foundation and concealer was the right choice for me. Across the internet there are people who say that makeup is ruining people’s self-esteem, but for me makeup did the opposite. Confidence is a beautiful trait and as a young girl with acne my confidence was taken away; but with some powder and a couple brushes I was able to regain my confidence.

Even though my skin is now healthy I still do wear makeup, not as a way to hide but as a way to showcase the beauty I have. I do my eyes to make people look at them and I add blush to my cheeks to draw people towards my smile.

While some imperfections like beauty marks and freckles are easy to embrace others like acne are hard. Makeup is a wonderful thing and as long as you are using it to enhance yourself and not mask yourself I say no harm done.


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