body confidence

Body confidence (1)

The other day, my friend confessed to me and a couple other close friends that she was having body confidence issues. She told us about her struggle getting dressed in the mornings and the temptation to engage in self destructive behaviors to try to make herself thin. My heart went out to my friend and I began to think of the inevitable times when I too lack body confidence.

While social media is great for communication and entertainment, social media also allows for dense advertisement of unrealistic beauty standards. I recently came across an article from InStyle, showcasing several women on social media who chose to show their followers their true bodies. The women in these photos show how their body’s appearance changes by simply a pose or a good hearty meal. There are two important takeaways from this article: (1) photos can be deceiving and (2) bodies are amazing. 

Every woman and man has a body that is uniquely her/his own. While the media often portrays a single image of beauty, in truth there are infinite ways to be beautiful. Yes, there are ways we can change our bodies to get thinner, leaner, firmer and plumper, but it is important to remember to stay healthy. Diets and bootcamps may help you lose weight fast, but these are quick fixes, not steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, healthy eating and self love are the first three steps towards a healthier and happier you. 

picture via Rachelspick

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